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Marketing & Communications Project Request Form

  • The Marketing & Communications team develops and implements strategic communication plans in a variety of media. To further the mission of Food Bank For New York City, we also collaborate on qualifying projects, providing consulting, guidance, project management, and creative services in:
    • • Advertising
    • • Photography
    • • Print
    • • Social Media
    • • Video
    • • Web
    Note that this request form is for single, specific, clearly defined projects. Proposed projects need to be focused and thought-out -- a single brochure, poster, postcard, webpage, social media account, etc. We have only a limited amount of time to offer, and that time needs to distributed across the many departments and programs requesting our help. Again, we hope this online form will provide a fair access point for those projects to be considered and queued up.

    Also note that not all projects will qualify for time or resources. Assistance and services are provided on an as-can basis, and are contingent upon funding planning and time available – so advance planning and lead time are important. We recommend at least one to two months of lead time for hard deadlines. If we cannot assist you on your project, we can likely offer suggestions on how to move forward with your project on your own.

    ASAP is not a valid deadline.

    After you submit your request, you will be contacted within 2 business days for a follow-up discussion. If you have any questions, please contact Chanel Lemond at markettemp@foodbanknyc.org.
  • 1. Project Manager

  • 2. Project Information

  • Ctrl-click to select multiple items.
  • E.g. "Can Do Invitation"
  • Briefly describe/outline the project, including any requirements.
  • Who are we trying to reach/engage? Is there a specific demographic?
  • Why do you need this project? What are you hoping to achieve? What is the primary call to action or takeaway message?
  • Total dollar amount
  • Please include account code, department, funding source, and program code (e.g.: 5460-23-GenOp-MKT-Event).
  • Please take into account the typical turnaround times below as well as any processing time by vendors.
  • Typical Turnaround Times (Subject to Availability)

    Short (1 work day or less)
    • • Social and Web Posts
    • • Stapling
    • • Design corrections
    • • Mass Email
    Medium (2 days to 1 week)
    • • Ads
    • • Banners
    • • Invitation/Flyer Design
    • • Posters
    • • Photo Editing
    • • Apparel Design
    • • Custom Donation Form
    Long (1-2 work weeks)
    • • Brochures
    • • Document reformatting (over 25 pages)
    • • Infographics
    • • Logos/Collateral
    • • PowerPoint Presentation Designs
    • • Report Concept Design (what it will look like prior to the retrofitting of Content)
    • (E.g., project brief, logo.) Please name the file(s) with the project title.

      In case your files are too large, please upload them to Y:\Media everyone and note their exact location in the Additional Information field below.
      Drop files here or
    • Please add anything we should know that's not noted elsewhere.